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Case Story - Burglary Lock Damage Fixed At Once

Those who have the experience of a home burglary (and aren't the burglars) know what it means to find the front door open, the drawers on the floor and the clothes covering most of the bedroom. It's a nightmare every way you look at it! The only good thing in our case is that we weren't home when it happened (because if you are home, it's even worse). I suddenly felt helpless and vulnerable and although my neighbors rushed to offer a helping hand, there was nothing anyone could do. Apart from the police, we also had to find a good emergency locksmith to take a look of the locks. My dear next door neighbor told me not to worry and that she would take care of the matter. As I found out later, she called Locksmith Chatsworth and the technician was our personal hero that night.

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My neighbor told me that she had made the arrangements and one of the company's technicians would soon be at our house, but to tell you the truth I never expected to see him arriving in such a short time. He greeted us and told us that he would take a look of the door locks and inform us of what he would do. Without tiring us out, he explained that the lock had to be changed and informed us about the quote. Then he got to work as we were dealing with police stuff. At one point, I noticed that he finished his work and was testing the lock and the key but he didn't pick up his tools just yet. He made some rounds in the house and checked every window and door, took a look at the other locks and then told us that he took the liberty to see if the other locks had been tampered with or not.

I was definitely under a lot of stress at that time, but I hadn't lost my mind. I could understand how professional he was and thanked him tens of times for being so caring and taking care of us. It wasn't one thing that impressed us but actually many. From the fact that he was in our home right away without charging us much to the fact that he checked all entry points to ensure our security, everything in his actions indicated a dedicated professional. I will never forget his good work and how discreet and polite he was with us. Not all people understand how they should be with others during such terrible moments and he was just great about it. We will certainly call this locksmith company again if we need help, and my husband even suggested some preventive services. With such a good technician, I am sure everything will work out for us from now on!

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Case Story | Burglary Lock Damage Fixed At Once