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Easy to understand answers to common questions on locks are found here. Learn what locks are best for different door types and learn to deal with common lock problems.

What should I do if I feel my lock is fitted improperly?

It is suggested to get some assistance from our professionals in Chatsworth. Areas of concern include the lock block edge which is supposed to be on the lock side and not the hinge side. Avoid cheap things if you can because the seemingly big savings will more than cost you if the property is attacked at some point in the future.

Should I be worried by glass panels?

In reality, glass should be an area of concern. At the very least you need a metal grill. The quality of glass is important because there are modern configurations that are quite hardy. In terms of aesthetics you will find that the grill is not as intrusive as you may at first conceive it to be.

How can I deal with a lock on a safe?

The implication is that you have a lot of valuables in that safe therefore you should be extra vigilant. Use only a Locksmith Chatsworth expert that you can implicitly trust. Ensure that your insurance company is fully aware of what you are doing and approves.

Are high security locks safer?

High security locks are better constructed. In fact, this type of lock is hard to pick and a hard bumping force does not compromise them. However, this type is not considered a safe option, as most break-ins are initiated by breaking a window, forcing the lock with sharp tools, and kicking the door.

Does getting a high-grade security system guarantee my home’s safety?

Unfortunately, whether or not you have high-grade security the truth is that no matter what one does, you cannot completely guarantee the safety of your home. Technicians over at Locksmith Chatsworth would still recommend this option since it drastically lessens the chance of any shady individuals breaking into your home.

What is door lock grading?

Locksets are given grades by the American National Standards Institute. Grade 1 locks offer the highest level of security followed by Grade 2 and Grade 3 ones.

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