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Why should you never give a pair of your keys to person you are dating?

02/16/2014 Back To Blog

Why should you never give a pair of your keys to person you are dating?How come people are always trying to prove how they feel about someone by trusting them with their pair of keys? It is always same stories with these unfortunate keys; you are inebriated with love and you cannot think about anything and anybody but the person of your affection and then with time you are less and less infatuated up to the moment where you do not even notice that person. But you know what? It is too late because your keys are taken hostage by your invisible lover; what now?

Do not trust your keys to anyone

How many times while you were growing up did your parents tell you – do not trust your keys to anyone! Why don’t you ever listen to your parents? Your parents are wise people they know what they are talking about. Until you are married with the person you love you definitely have no place sharing your keys around. You are probably great deal for the locksmiths but you are great threat to yourself. One thing that definitely should never be underestimated is the rage of the ex partner. It’s true, sometimes the hardest lock wouldn’t be enough to stop the individual eager to get even but sometimes it would. If you give up the key you will never get to find out, right?!

Locksmiths are not grocers

If you do not wish to bring yourself in a situation where you spend more time at your locksmith making new keys, rekeying your locks, and replacing the locks all together than at your grocers make sure you stick to your keys and do not share the same with anybody, and especially not with the individuals you are dating. It may seem exaggerated but trust us, it’s not!

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